Free Patterns – Terms of Use

You MAY sell items made from the patterns offered for FREE on this website. It’s up to you whether you credit me for the design. I would ask that you do NOT redistribute and sell the pattern as your own.

Please note, I am not a professional crochet pattern writer, so I apologise if my instructions are ambiguous or I have made the occasional mistake. I am merely trying to repay all the generous people out there that shared their patterns when I was learning to crochet. So please keep your comments positive. Besides, they’re free right?!

Thanks 🙂

5 thoughts on “Free Patterns – Terms of Use

  1. these are really cute.. I’m just trying to get ideas on what to make for my little one.. Im going to keep them for myself so thank you for putting this on

  2. I am going to make one for a friend for now,But I am cofused about the how it iswritten is the R1-6rows or rounds and then start on row?

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